How it Works

The Miche Bag is an interchangeable handbag system that will change the way you accessorize. You start with a base bag, then change the magnetic outer cover, called "Shells" to match your outfit, mood, season or whatever. Explore the options with Miche Bag; One bag, endless possibilities....

Express Yourself With a Whole New Bag In Just 3 Seconds!

1. Choose your base bag; black or brown. Can't decide? Request a price list for a deal on one of each in the double base bundle.

2. Choose your handles; regular length, long length, chain handles, mailman strap.The handles on the Miche Bag are interchangeable as well so you can switch it up. The regular handle is included in every base bag purchase, see price list for optional handle pricing.

3. Choose your Shells; this is the funnest and the hardest part. With so many shells to choose from we have something for everyone, but deciding on your favorite may be harder than you think.... Most of the shells are the same price as listed on the pricing page with the exception of the Premium shells. These are $5 more per shell. We also have a special of the month.

4. Email me with your order I will send you your total and estimated arrival date along with a secure link to pay by card. (see pricing page for tax and shipping calculations)

5. Enjoy the possibilities....