The Bag Lady Is Back!

Many of you know that I have taken a bit of a "hiatus" for the past year and have not personally been holding my own Miche Bag parties...Well, I'm excited to announce that I will begin doing parties again this SPRING! I've decided to offer some extra benefits for those of you willing to be hostesses for me as I will also be starting a new party format. My parties will have a short presentation to explain the products I offer as well as any and all benefits to hostesses and customers.

If you've hosted for me in the past you'll know that I offer very generous benefits for those of you willing to open up your home to me and your friends. Generally I offer a free classic shell to all my hostesses on the day of their show. For the first 5 people who schedule a party with me I will double that so you can receive 2 FREE classic shells, or if you are a Big Bag fan, you will receive 1 free big bag shell! Remember this is in addition to all the other benefits I am currently offering. The current Spring hostess incentives are in addition to the free shells and party total incentives.

My upcoming open party dates are: March 29, 30, 31 and April 5,7,9,14,16,19, 21,26, 28.

I will also be giving the same benefit to my first 5 catalog parties. This is the one where I send you a stack of catalogs and you collect orders from your families and friends. This party has become better due to my new ordering site and is great for you ladies who don't live near me in Utah. =)

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in booking a party as these dates are a first come first serve!

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  1. Stacy, I'd love to have a party at my house. I got a big bag and two shells for Christmas and I absolutely love them, and get tons of compliments on them. I'd love to do one on April 6, if it is still available!
    ~Julie Blanchard